Carlson Foley Enterprises, LLC

Mary C. Foley

The nonprofit world is every bit as competitive as the commercial world. It can take the same skills,  and seemingly as much effort, to win a $300,000 state grant as to win a $3,000,000 federal basic ordering agreement. I know; I’ve done both.

Using skills developed over twenty years  in federal environmental business development and fifteen years of non-profit fundraising, today Carlson Foley Enterprises, LLC (CFE) is helping nonprofits to win the grant game.





Nonprofit clients can cost-effectively benefit from CFE support when they 

  • want to identify new sources of funding

  • want to develop exactly the right ask

  • want to try their hand at a new type of giving – perhaps a Give America campaign or a combined state of federal campaign

  • want to start fundraising with a new type of donor – such as the federal government

  • want to start fundraising on a larger playing field, perhaps statewide or nationally

  • want to move up from the $10,000 local award to larger awards with the same donor

  • want a strategy to cultivate a new, complex donor organization or one that is  highly sought-after

  • want a new set of eyes during review to make sure a submittal is responsive and the best it can possibly be (i.e. pink team, red team)

  • want to improve the percentage of their grant submittals that win

  • want to try a new type of giving – perhaps a Give America campaign or a combined state of federal campaign

  • wish to outsource tasks like developing and coordinating social media content across several platforms

  • want more clients or greater attendance at a special event

  • are hit with several simultaneous grant opportunities that exceed the capacity of in-house staff to produce


A small, woman-owned business, CFE operates with a virtual team approach.  Often a nonprofit just needs my skills. Sometimes a project calls for few hours of time from a specialist in nonprofit law, government contracting, pricing strategies and financial negotiation, website strategy and development, social media campaigns, or technical writing, editing, and data visualization.  In these situations, I bring in colleagues with whom I have collaborated since starting my consulting practice in 1997.  CGE’s virtual team approach keeps our costs low and our skill base a match for the requirements of each job.

That’s what we do – provide the ideas, market intelligence, skill set, resources, energy and focus to drive attention to a single pursuit with a desired outcome…winning the grant game!

CFE clients have won over 90 % of the grants and federal proposals submitted with CFE support.

If your nonprofit wants to win more and larger grants, please contact CFE.







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