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Feds Gear Up To Use GSA OASIS Contracts

Do you have an active Air Force environmental practice?  Does your firm have existing backlog with DARPA, Public Buildings Service Region 1, Veterans Affairs, or Department of Interior?  If yes, then you are playing defense if you don’t also have a GSA OASIS contract.

GSA requires all Ordering Contract Officers to complete mandatory Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training before they are allowed to issue task orders under OASIS contracts. By looking at what agencies have pursued this training for their warranted contracting officers, it is possible to get a sense for which agencies are most interested in the OASIS vehicle.

If you have an OASIS contract, these DPA’s can suggest some agencies, offices and commands amenable to using your new vehicle near term.  If you don’t have an OASIS prime contract, but you have existing work for these agencies through other contracting mechanisms (including GSA’s Schedule 899), then this information pinpoints where you need to scramble to keep as much of the work in-house as possible.

According to the information provided to CFE by GSA on October 11th,  as of November 7, 2014, GSA had issued 161 DPA’s to OCO’s in civilian agencies and 199 DPA’s to OCO’s in the Department of Defense.  The attached spreadsheet breaks down DPA’s to the level of Command/Office/Region. GSA explained the disparity between # trained and # DPA’s issued as 1) only warranted contracting officers receive DPA and other people take the training as well and 2) GSA is a little behind in getting the DPA’s processed.

Happy Hunting!

EPA RAF Re-do Creates Unprecedented Small Business Opportunities

Source: EPA Remedial Action Framework (RAF): Overview of Remedial Action Framework (RAF)

EPA’s revamp of its Superfund program contracting strategy will create unprecedented opportunities for small businesses.

There will now be three catagories of contracts:

Design and Engineering Services (DES)

Remediation Environmental Services (RES)

Environmental Services and Operations (ESO)

There will be ten geographic categories called Contract Line Item Number’s (CLIN’s ) in each contract category, with two to six awards per CLIN; two of which are anticipated to be SBSA.  More significantly, EPA has indicated it is considering setting aside the entirety of RES and ESO contracts for small business depending on responses (due November 7th) from the open sources sought/request for information (SS/RFI):



Proposals will be submitted using the new SF-330. A revised version of the SF-330 form and instructions will be posted for a second round of industry comments before the end of the year.

EPA spends about $500 million every year on Superfund contracts.  For more information on RAF, click the image.If you are a small business with hazardous waste capabilities, it is worth your while to respond to the SS/RFI’s and comment on the SF-330. This is your chance.