Federal Business Development

For more than 20 years Carlson Foley Enterprises has provided government and commercial business development, market research, capture strategy, strategic planning, market intelligence, sales, proposal support and communications assistance to private, government and nonprofit clients worldwide.

Clients have captured 90% of the proposals pursued with CFE support.

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For example:

  • Provided proposal support to a client whose project manager was unavoidably unavailable to assist in a major proposal re-bid effort.  Leverage Enterprises analyzed the RFP and developed a compliant proposal outline, drafted the proposal, worked with technical staff to enable them to efficiently incorporate their input into the document, and produced a document for production on schedule.  Client was awarded this $19.5M award without going through the short-list process.
  • Provided presentation coaching for a client shortlisted on USFS service procurement (Eastern Region).  Client had predominantly western experience and had recently had a USFS contract terminated early for the convenience of the government.  My job was to help win the procurement…and we did!
  • Conducted a nationwide study of mid-sized water utilities to identify those most amenable to acquisition.  Methodology used included analysis of all environmental notices of violation received by water utilities (several thousand listings), assessment of the degree of enforcement action taken by EPA or the states at each facility, and correlation with municipal bond ratings.  Analysis showed a high degree of congruity between poor bond ratings and multiple environmental violations.  Provisions in the SDWA allow for regulatory relief for utilities undertaking ‘substantial management change’ that might reasonably lead to improved operations.  The study identified 25 water and 25 wastewater utilities among the several thousand facilities in the initial database for further consideration by the client.
  • Won a GSA MOBIS contract for CFE and assisted other environmental firms with developing winning submittals for the GSA MAC 899 schedules.   Won 100% of the GSA proposals submitted.
  • Developed a strategic assessment of the market potential for future water and hazardous waste business opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.  Study included particularly close assessment of DOD (Seattle, Portland and Walla Walla Corps as well as individual installations) and EPA programs in Washington, Oregon and Idaho though all federal agencies were examined.  Study included budgets and budget trends, major programs, major contracts, contracting trends, competitors and acquisition forecasts.  With this data the client was able to determine the manner in which it wished to pursue further penetration of this regional market.
  • Analyzed the Federal Acquisition Regulations and identified options for negotiating a sole-source DOD contract continuation after current contract expiration.  Convinced NE Corps of Engineers that a one-year sole-source extension was appropriate though the base decline to continue working with the Corps.
  • Provided merger & acquisition support to a company in the DOD outsourcing market.
  • Researched and developed strategy for negotiating shared savings with the Corps of Engineers under a value engineering change proposal.  Enabled client to receive shared payments based on the value of costs saved over four years, in excess of the Corps’ typical one-year policy.

Complete project listing upon request.

Benefits from using Carlson Foley Enterprises on strategically important pursuits:

  • Increase proposal production rate using a dedicated capture management approach
  • Identify new markets created by changes in federal legislation, regulations or appropriations
  • Drive expansion of services to existing clients created by changes in legislation, regulations or appropriations
  • Locate and qualify bidding opportunities with new clients or in new geographic areas
  • Quantify potential markets and develop customized market capture strategies around the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of clients
  • Increase proposal success percentage by combining a dedicated capture management approach with experienced personnel to exceed a 90% win rate for our pursuits
  • Design and ensure market penetration campaigns are successful, and receive sufficient time and corporate support to achieve objectives
  • Develop and implement Small Business Subcontracting Plans
  • Source HUBzone, small, minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses to meet teaming requirements and demonstrate an unbiased and robust outreach program was undertaken in assembling the team
  • Develop and implement Sustainable Facilities Plans
  • Coach successful presentations to turn shortlists into captures
  • Facilitate/participate in Pink and Red Team Reviews and implement Red Team Recovery
  • Acquire GSA Schedule contracts
  • Optimize client utilization of multiple GSA Schedules and other federal contracting vehicles

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