Publicity and Outreach

Publicity at any level involves establishing relationships with newspaper and magazine editors, special interest bloggers, photographers, videographers, and TV newsrooms.  Combining relationships first with social media (websites, Facbook, Twitter) and then with traditional media (press releases, feature articles, press conferences, calendar of events listings, public service announcements) and using promotional outreach (banners and posters, collateral [i.e., brochures, flyers] and themed give-aways) serves to layer a message enough times that your target audience becomes aware of your message, and acts on it.

Publicity combines business development background and writing skills, and is a necessary tool for nonprofits, commercial and even government clients. CFE has successfully generated publicity for specific events as well as managed and produced publicity for organizations over a entire fiscal year covering multiple community outreach objectives, including: Corporate/employee and donor/client recognition programs, special events, community outreach efforts, and public and industry awareness activities.  Utilizing a well written publicity or outreach plan (including budget for both staff time and other direct costs), CFE is able to balance the effort devoted to social media content, traditional press, scheduling and placement timing with staff time and other direct costs.  It is important to help clients measure the cost/benefit of their outreach efforts.  This is particularly critical when it comes to managing staff time, which can so easily be eaten up feeding websites, Twitter, Google +, Facebook and other social media formats.  Data then refines the approach for the following event or next year.

To see examples of recent publicity campaigns, click on any of the following thumbnails. Among the clips are:

  • 2013 Power Point  presentation given to Historic Garden Week publicity chairmen statewide on how to publicizing a big event in a small market
  • 2012 final publicity report for a local Historic Garden Week tour (one tour among the many that make Historic Garden Week the largest tourism event in Virginia annually)
  • An annual outreach plan (including publicity) for a nonprofit dental safety net clinic wanting to reach more low income patients

Effective publicity can help do a lot of good in the world and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Contact CFE to learn how we can support your publicity and outreach needs.