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TikTok Adds More Analytics

TikTok (Beijing-based ByteDance’s hot video application) is introducing some new analytics and reporting features for their invitation-only Creator Marketplace.  It seems mostly the usual analytics for campaign view/like/share/CPV/CPE and it will offer the option of analyzing the impact of influencers.

At the same time TikTok is under a National Security review, it’s been banned from government-issued devices by the US Army.   Legislation was introduced in Congress last week to prohibit Tik Tok from all government devices.

What do you think?  Too little to late? Too much risk for too little reward?  

Patagonia grants available for grassroots environmental organizations

Patagonia, the popular outdoor equipment maker, has two grant programs of interest to nonprofit environmental organizations.

From Patagonia’s grant announcement:  “We support small, grassroots, activist organizations with provocative direct-action agendas, working on multi-pronged campaigns to preserve and protect our environment. We help local groups working to protect local habitat, and think the individual battles to protect a specific stand of forest, stretch of river or indigenous wild species are the most effective in raising more complicated issues – particularly those of biodiversity and ecosystem protection – in the public mind. ”

Grants of up to $12,000 will be awarded for projects that are action-oriented, build public involvement and support, focus on root causes, and demonstrate a commitment to long-term change.

The next round of grant applications is due in August. For More Information


Patagonia funds another grant as well: The World Trout Initiative funds only groups and efforts working to restore and protect wild, self-sustainable trout, salmon, and other fish species within their native range. For more information 

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline Direct Mail Campaign 2014

For almost 15 years I have written the annual direct mail campaign for this nonprofit animal welfare organization.  In 2013 the campaign returned 740% on investment and accounted for 25% of the philanthropic donations received by ARPH that year.

ARPH is the official rescue organization of the Australian Shepherd Club of America. It’s website is at   The piece is four pages long (11×17, folded in half then  Z-folded, header out) and fits in a #10 envelope with response devise.  Pages 2 and 3 are omitted from the graphic below.  They contain the private addresses of the representatives in the organization and are omitted here for privacy reasons.