Woodberry Forest School (WFS) is a privateall-male boarding school located in Woodberry Forest, Madison County, Virginia. Woodberry’s 408 students come from 30 U.S. states (plus the District of Columbia), and 18 countries. Jeff Poole, Media General Managing Editor of the Madison Eagle, Orange Review and Greene County Record newspapers, asked me to write a retrospective of Dr. Campbell’s transformative years at the premiere prep school.  In the process of researching the history and traditions of the school, and the extraordinary achievements that populate Dr. Campbell’s track record, I gained new insight into the challenges facing educators, and writers as the internet changes the way research is conducted and redefines individual scholarship.

This feature article was based on a June interview with Dr. Dennis Campbell at Woodberry Forest School during his last week on campus.  Dr. Campbell and Cathy Eberly, Director of Marketing and Communications were both extremely generous with their time and assistance.