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Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic annual newsletter 2014

Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic is a regional dental safety net clinic in the Piedmont area of Virginia with a mission to serve low income residents of Orange, Culpeper, Madison, Greene, Louisa and surrounding counties.  This nonprofit printed and snail-mailed a newsletter to its own mailing list at a cost of almost $2000 (using nonprofit bulk postage rates) to reach 1200 individuals. Following the success of the Art Center In Orange, in 2013 the Clinic switched to a newspaper insert format distributed to 27,000 area homes for a cost of approximately $1500.  This cost-effective method of distribution broadened the Clinic’s reach and allowed it to thank donors, inform patients, report to the public on mission milestones and share the story of a PRDC patient (“Reason To Smile”).  For more information on PRDC visit

The newsletter was written with substantial input and support from PRDC’s Executive Director Kellina Mitchell and designer Kelly Radzowski at K-Art and Design ( )


Protect and Nurture: The Campbell Years at Woodberry Forest School

Woodberry Forest School (WFS) is a privateall-male boarding school located in Woodberry Forest, Madison County, Virginia. Woodberry’s 408 students come from 30 U.S. states (plus the District of Columbia), and 18 countries. Jeff Poole, Media General Managing Editor of the Madison Eagle, Orange Review and Greene County Record newspapers, asked me to write a retrospective of Dr. Campbell’s transformative years at the premiere prep school.  In the process of researching the history and traditions of the school, and the extraordinary achievements that populate Dr. Campbell’s track record, I gained new insight into the challenges facing educators, and writers as the internet changes the way research is conducted and redefines individual scholarship.

This feature article was based on a June interview with Dr. Dennis Campbell at Woodberry Forest School during his last week on campus.  Dr. Campbell and Cathy Eberly, Director of Marketing and Communications were both extremely generous with their time and assistance.

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Mystery Solved – Voles Made Those Holes

A plethora of mysterious holes in Virginia gardens had homeowners and gardeners perplexed: ‘surely they aren’t snake holes’.  Turns out they were made by voles experiencing a normal cyclic population increase.  Includes interviews with wildlife biologist Dr. Jim Parkhurst from the Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension Service and  Dr. Keith Clay, mammal/cicada population expert at the University of Indiana in Bloomington.  Published in the Orange County Review.

Gordonsville Virginia – History and Historically Good Fried Chicken

This article was written to meet two objectives: create publicity for the upcoming Historic Garden Week tour in Orange County (a fundraiser and part of the largest tourism event in Virginia) and to fulfill the Piedmont Virginian magazine editor’s request to cover the good things happening in Gordonsville right now and to explain how it bodes for the future of this small, crossroads town.  As it turns out, there were a lot of good things happening – in addition to being the site of Dolley Madison Garden Club‘s 2014 Historic Garden Week tour.