Certified Small Woman-Owned Business

Carlson Foley Enterprises has received certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia as a small, woman-owned business. We are actively looking for teaming partners and subcontracting opportunities at the state and federal level. The company has a track record with GSA Schedules, USEPA , and DOD contracts. Please give us a call! (540)222-9594

TikTok Adds More Analytics

TikTok (Beijing-based ByteDance’s hot video application) is introducing some new analytics and reporting features for their invitation-only Creator Marketplace.  It seems mostly the usual analytics for campaign view/like/share/CPV/CPE and it will offer the option of analyzing the impact of influencers.  https://bit.ly/2vPmtts

At the same time TikTok is under a National Security review, it’s been banned from government-issued devices by the US Army.   Legislation was introduced in Congress last week to prohibit Tik Tok from all government devices.

What do you think?  Too little to late? Too much risk for too little reward?  

Wells Fargo Updates Philanthropic Program

Wells Fargo has re-focused it’s charitable giving priorities on affordable housing, financial health, and small business growth. At the state or local level they may also continue to fund arts and culture, civic engagement, education, the environment, human services, and workforce development.

For more information, new grant deadlines, and details for your state or county, visit: https://www.wellsfargo.com/about/corporate-responsibility/community-giving/local/

Fantastic Nonprofit Tech Resource

I’ve found TechSoup to be an invaluable software/tech resource for nonprofits of all sizes. They have launched a SaaS/PaaS/IaaS campaign that is worth looking into. The prices on their software and hardware have always been fantastic, but now they have service offerings for nonprofits to match. Check out their new technology for Nonprofits campaign here .

USDA Regional Conservation Partnership Program

July 8th is the deadline for submitting pre-proposals for $235M in grant funds for innovative conservation partnerships.  A wide variety of government and nonprofit entities are eligible.  For information on the program see their program page. For the solicitation go to For the solicitation announcement go to Grants.gov  For more information on their program check out their fact sheet below: